I love experiencing the planet with others. I I love the technology that allows us to capture and make a memory more than an idea. I strive to live my life with logic and understanding. I live the #solarlife - STEGRO



                                                  GOPRO VIDEO ^

Havasupai was amazing. Living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for 3 days, with nothing but mindblowing scenery and sounds, truly puts things into perspective. The water comes from a spring enriched with calcium carbonate that gives it a brilliant blue. The minerals also break down the rock quicker making for wicked awesome waterfalls! The three major ones are Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Navajo Falls. I was able to take tons of pictures and videos, and keep everything charged with my Goal Zero gear. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. I did love that In N Out after the 35 miles we put in that weekend. Above is a video of our trek from Mooney Falls to Beaver falls, and the obstacles along the way. and Below are my photos that I make me want to go back every time i look at them! 

Hiked Four Peaks trail and got to experience a crazy colorful sunset setting over the layers of Arizona mountains. 

Went out to Papago park at night with a friend to do a little easy night climbing and long exposures. We are still learning, and it is also rocky and dark out there so we have to be very careful. We used the Goal Zero Luna light to paint us and the rock up while the shutter was open. We also used Goal Zero NiMH AA’s to power rope LED’s.  We took 8 exposures total. Here are 5 of them. Posting first person POV gopro video coming soon.  

Rock climbing with my friends and taking pictures, #POVRockClimbingPhotography